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The Virginia Watercolor Society, organized in 1979 by Roanoke artists John Will Creasy and Ernest Johnson, is an organization of artists and non-painters which seeks to foster interest and participation in the exciting world of watercolor through the active programming of publications, demonstrations, annual jurored exhibitions and social activities.  Its objectives are to create opportunities for beginning as well as established artists to advance their skills and professionalism, and to be educational for the public at large.

The IRS recognized VWS as a publicly supported organization and granted a tax-exempt status to the Society in 1988.

The VWS Foundation was incorporated in March 1994.  John Will Creasy envisioned it as a way to establish a permanent fund, the proceeds of which would be used for the charitable purposes of educating and encouraging deserving artists, particularly students and beginning painters, and underwriting various educational projects of the VWS.  In 1996 the name was changed to Creasy/Johnson Fund to honor both of our founders.  Because VWS is itself incorporated, the Creasy/Johnson Fund will function as a committee within the VWS corporation.

VWS Articles of Incorporation, 1994     ·|·     VWS Constitution and Bylaws:  Revised 2014
2014 Addendum – Annual Exhbition Procedures

VWS publishes Waterlogue, a quarterly newsletter of activities of the society and its members, thus networking information state-wide.  The annual jurored exhibition, culminating a week of activities, is the high point of the year.  It is held in a different location each year with top names in the art world as jurors.

Annual Meeting Minutes Year       Exhibition Location Juror
1980       Roanoke Mario Cooper
1981       Richmond Edward Betts
1982       Arlington Lee Weiss
1983       Salem Al Brouillette
1984       Charlottesville Bogomir Bogdanovich
1985       Williamsburg Miles Batt
1986       Lynchburg Betty Lou Schlemm
1987       Roanoke Jan Rothermel
1988       Fredericksburg Domenic DiStefano
1989       Richmond Marbury Hill Brown
1990       Virginia Beach Charles Reid
1991       Verona Morris Shubin
1992       Abingdon Christopher Schink
1993       Annandale William D. Gorman
1994       Blacksburg Louise Cadillac
1995       Farmville Ann Salisbury
1996       Lynchburg Raymond Everett Kinstler
1997       Charlottesville Margaret M. Martin
1998       Portsmouth Polly Hammett
1999       Salem Arne Westerman
2000       Martinsville Judi Betts
2001       Richmond Katherine Liu
2002       Abingdon Ray Kass
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2003       Newport News Alex Powers
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2004       Arlington Cheng-Khee Chee
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2005       Charlottesville Carole Barnes
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2006       Staunton William "Skip" Lawrence
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2007       Hampton Christopher Schink
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2008       Roanoke Donna Watson
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2009       Lorton Tony van Hasselt
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2010       Glen Allen Gerald Brommer
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2011       Kilmarnock Ted Nuttall
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2012       Hampton Dan Smith
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2013       Hampton Carole Barnes
Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2014       Lynchburg Nicholas Simmons
 Annual Meeting Minutes (.pdf) 2015     Harrisonburg Mark Mehaffey
  2016     Gloucester Mel Stabin

All VWS exhibitions are open to the public.   Membership in the Society is open to all Virginia residents 18 years of age or older.  Student membership is open to any resident 18 years or older who is a full-time student at any recognized Virginia or out-of-state institution of higher education.

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The rights to individual art works remain solely with the artists.

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