Watercolor, Oil, Mixed Media

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Loving Look, by Christopher Rumsey Pensive, by Christopher Rumsey Tess in the Sun, by Christopher Rumsey
"Loving Look"
Watercolor on paper, 2004
14.25 x 14 inches
Watercolor on paper, 2004
8.5 x 14 inches
"Tess in the Sun"
Watercolor on paper, 2005
12 x 16 inches

Artist’s Statement:
"I enjoy creating all kinds of art, especially portraits. While painting my own children, I found it challenging to try to capture their personal quirks and traits. Also, the particular way children see life lasts only a little while and changes (too quickly!) as they grow older. In adults, a hint of their child-like character often remains. And of course, pets are fun because they are so full of personality; it is really satisfying to be able to capture this in a painting. I love to work in both watercolors – for their spontaneity – and in oils or acrylics – for their richness and texture."

About the Artist:
Chris Rumsey has strong draftsmanship and painting skills, both of which are necessary qualities in a good portrait artist. He paints both people and pets, and his specialty mediums are watercolors and oils. His style is modestly loose and non-photographic, but with enough realism to produce convincing representations of his subjects. The artist can work from photographs or from life. He also paints landscapes, architectural art, figure paintings, and indoor wall murals.

Christopher L. Rumsey
Newport News, Virginia