Virginia Watercolor Society - 2011 Exhibition

Ted Nuttall, Juror

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Best In Show
Jacqueline Saunders
Moments With Sharon

Pat Lawson Memorial Award
Anne Adams Robertson Massie

Shelly Shephard Memorial Award
Chris Krupinski
Limes and Stripes

RAL Experimental & RAL Drawing
Lynn Hosegood
Chinese Market, Singapore

Award of Excellence
Holland Wentz Etheridge
Ice on Lake Maury

Award of Excellence
Amanda Lee
Aw, Shucks!

Award of Distinction
Deborah Marshall Elliott

Award of Distinction
Jacquuie Colligan
Electric Sky

Award of Merit
Pat Cook
Conversation LXXXVIII

Award of Merit
Michael Farrar
A Touch of Red

Award of Merit
Lisa Harlow

Award of Merit
Mei Shu
Early Winter

Honorable Mention
Traci Oberle
Wait Until We Get There

Honorable Mention
Deborah Conn
The Stoic

Honorable Mention
Myrtle Hooker
Every Autumn

Honorable Mention
Mel Neale
Stalking Heron

Honorable Mention
Ron Andrea
Peach Blossoms

Honorable Mention
Bob Haynes
Great Egret

Honorable Mention
Johnny Hayes

Honorable Mention
Janet Lynn Eggen
Light In The Forest

The VWS Committee Award
Gari Stephenson
Waiting and Wondering

Margaret Alderson
The Druid's Oak

Betty Anglin
Ginger Lilies

Terry Anstrom
Ruffled Hibiscus

Patti MacHale Bartol
Shipshape Once

Terri Beringer
Monhegan Meadow

W. A. Berkshire
Camper For Sale

Solly Blank

Christina Boechler

Toni Bragg
Waiting For Good Times

Solange Brown
Peaceful Walk

Margaret Bucher
In The Studio

Anne Chaddock

Rachel B. Collins
Rose Backlit III

Eleanor Cox
Rita's Garden View

Anthony Creech
Highland Dancers

Carole Carrera Davis
Rhody Symphony

David Eakin
Masquerade VI

Diana Fackenthal
Storm At Hood

Nancy Foley
Chesapeake Blues

Betty Ganley
Marina Diva

Carolyn Grossé Gawareki
Pigeon Pal

Lisa Gillispie

Richard Goff
Shenandoah Valley

Jeff Gorrell
Tidal Pools With Boulder

Dorothy Grebos
Neutrals #1

Nancy Hannans

Margaret Huddy
Washington Monument View

Alice Kale
Bagged II

Bill Kinsey
Jerry G

Maria C. Kirkland
Sunshine Day

Martha T. Lalka
Going Home

Jan Ledbetter
The Maya of Chichicastenango VII

Linda Lavigne-Long

Anne S. Mc Farland
Autumn Storm

Nancy Midgette
Fall Hydrangeas

Marilyn Milici
I'd Walk A Mile

Donna Ramsey Nevers
Harbor View

Kathleen Noffsinger
Palms, Great Egret

Patricia N. Porter

Jill Poyerd
A Stone's Throw

Della Belle Quillian
Abstract #1

Maruta Racenis
Fall River

Patrice Reese
Black Chair By Yellow Wall

Janice Sayles
Waiting For A Drink

Karen Anderson Schwartz
Yellow Fields and Hedgerows

Florence Setzer

Pat Shahrdkhi
My Hot and Happy Runner

Karen Shelton
Glorious Glads

Theresa Shepherd

Peg Sheridan
Eastern Shore

David Sorensen
Rocky Cove Below Moreton Light

Nancy Stark
Two Steps Up

Susan M. Stuller
In Vino Veritas

Barbara Sullivan
Ponte Vecchio

Katherine Sullivan
Eaten To Extinction

Linda Verhagen
Evergreen Lace

Nancy Walnes
Beaufort Marsh #1

Christopher Wynn
Secrets Of Alleys

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