VWS Signature Artist

Artist Statement:
I paint with gouache, which is an opaque form of watercolor. Quick to dry, gouache allows freedom and spontaneity of brushwork. Gouache is also a forgiving medium, as it can easily be painted over.

My pieces are representational of subjects both real and imagined, rendered in vibrant color and tied together by a background of black. I love to explore new subject matter and techniques of application, but the choice and use of color are what make painting an expressive, energizing pastime for me.

Emily's Sailboat, by Richard Goff
Emily’s Sailboat
Monarch Roost, by Richard Goff
Monarch Roost
Rose Figure, by Richard Goff
Rose Figure

About the Artist
Richard Goff, Artist I am proud to be a signature artist of the Virginia Watercolor Society.  My work has appeared in numerous juried state and regional shows in Virginia and Michigan, as well as the 2009 National Watercolor Society All Member Show.  I have been a featured artist in exhibitions at Western Michigan University and Pfizer Corporation Headquarters (Kalamazoo), Concordia College and Catherine McCauley Health Center (Ann Arbor), Falls Church City Hall (Virginia), and many smaller venues.  I have also had my work acquired for corporate art collections.

A painter for 35 years, I am mostly self-taught.  My education is in journalism, social work, and business administration with degrees from the University of Michigan.  I look forward to becoming a full-time artist when I retire from a career in local government just a few years down the road.

Richard Goff
Herndon, VA